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Tiverton's Everlasting Love


DOB 3-07-94 - 9-16-2008

ACVO normal

Sire Ch Cricket Hill Tiverton Tandem

Dam Tiverton's Cricket Hill Comet

Breeder Lorraine Paul

Owner Lisa Knight






Dorothy Age 2 pictured going BOB over specials owner handled July 1996


This is my very best friend, Dorothy.  Lost from my life but never my heart.  Dorothy exhibited a true Springer temperament in every way imaginable, she had a kind, wonderful demeanor and was an absolute joy to live with.  She never did finish her Championship , but she always had the heart of one.  She was pointed several times and had a nice BOB win over specials with me your kid novice handler.  I am most proud to have had her as my constant companion for the last 14 1/2 years, she was there through many milestones with me and I am forever very grateful for her friendship.  I hope she will wait for me with Daryl until we meet again.









Dorothy Age 9



May there always be a sunny Fall afternoon for her to shine in.




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Lisa Knight

Thompson, CT

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