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Ch Chivalry Secret Of The Grail




DOB 6-17-03 - 7-10-2007

 OFA Good Cerf 2006

Sire Ch Amilyn ESSpecial Backstreet Boy

Dam Ch Constant Chivalry's Quest

Breeder/Owner Lisa Knight





Every now and then a puppy is born so special he earns a place in your heart right from the beginning and when you are his breeder the rewards are tenfold. Taken from me far too soon, I absolutely adored this very special dog. We shared such a close bond, I could never begin to put into words. He often looked at me with such admiration I swear he thought I was responsible for rising and setting the sun each day. I never told him otherwise.  He loved every person and every creature and was a wonderful ambassador for this breed. Daryl will forever be my standard for comparison of what good temperament is. Like his mother Gwen,  Daryl never met a stranger and offered his friendly greeting to all. He adored every person and every creature he ever met, and was happy to follow me along wherever the day took us and was willing to do anything I ever asked of him. He was an absolute pleasure to spend every day with and many know how very much I treasured him. He was spoiled rotten from the very beginning even he knew he was staying here from the moment we met. It didn't take him long to earn a special spot on the bed. I can't help but feel robbed of the many more years we should have had to spend together and the puppy I dreamed he would give me one day but some are so special you have to enjoy them for the short time they touch your heart. I will miss his happy dances and moans, his never-ending high five's, his many sloppy kisses and his merry tail which never stopped wagging. I will miss filling in his trenches after he single handedly excavated my yard for every large rock he could dig up. I will miss kissing him at the top of the stairs, snuggling with him before falling asleep at night and giving him the countless belly rubs he craved. There will never be another one like him and I will cherish the memories I hold in my heart. I hope he will lead the race around rainbow bridge as he did here in my own yard daily. I hope he never forgets me and knows I will remember him always.

Save me a spot on your bed now.

 Daryl leaves his legacy both in my heart and in his son Kennedy, Constant Eternal Flame resulting from his only litter.  Kennedy shares his beautiful type and wonderful temperament and I hope continues to represent Daryl for many years to come. 

My precious friend, I am lost with out you.




Daryl was easily pointed from the puppy classes and also the first dog I pointed from the Bred By Class. He finished easily at the hands of Kellie Fitzgerald. 

Daryl wins his 1st major Fitchburg, MA August 2005



Always happy to oblige for a photo



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Lisa Knight

Thompson, CT

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